Do you have a site that is just out of reach of your physical network?
Maybe a remote warehouse across a field or maybe two building that are separated by a public street? Getting right-of-way permits and hiring a professional boring company to come in and push underground pipe may be too time consuming and costly.
In the above situations, a long-range and all-weather wireless system, I Link wireless solutions are the most robust and cost-effective solution. Spanning distances of up to 50 km at data rate up to 54 Mbps. I Link solutions provide high speed data rates, Voice over IP and Video Surveillance capability, with license-exempt also. IP and Video Surveillance capability, with license-exempt also.


If you have multiple locations, and want to connect the two LAN's together without having to pay for an additional line, or want to avoid the expense of paying for Cabling, then a Wireless Bridge should be the appropriate solution.
For situations with multiple buildings, or locations, a Point-to-Multipoint setup is your answer. You can share a single Internet connection with up to eight remote buildings with a single Access Point. If you don't have Line-of-Sight to each building, no problem, we can assist you in choosing a Wireless Bridge that will work for your situation.


Surfing the net has become a lot more easier since wireless internet has come into being, and now Wi-Fi has rightly topped the poll for the greatest technological advance of the last decade since today, according to a survey. With 35.5 percent votes, Wi-Fi has beaten Sky+, Sat Navs, iPods and Blackberries to win the poll conducted by a leading gadget magazine.
Wi-Fi or "Wireless Fidelity" Networks is and incredible emerging technology, on that is gaining more and more popularity every day and soon it will take over "Ethernet" market. From big corporate, to small stores, to houses to coffee shops you can experience Wireless Networks. These places are called Hot Spots. Notebook manufactures are making notebooks that integrate Wi-Fi technology so you can use your notebooks even when you are outside or sitting in some cafe sipping on your coffee, or sitting on your sofa watching TV.


Mesh networks solutions provide municipalities, college campuses and other entities with a number of useful applications including citywide, campus-wide, and hot zone Wi-Fi public access, network video surveillance and utility meter reading to name a few. Mesh network solutions often involve installing wireless nodes on rooftops, existing utility poles and towers. Each node is often connected to a number of other nodes in the network. This solution provides a number of advantages including redundancy, intelligent path selection to reduce the number of hops and self-healing capabilities.


Wi-Fi and Hot spots are sweeping through municipalities, campuses and enterprises of all sizes creating a buzz of excitement and anticipation unseen in the communications arena since the advent of the Internet. This disruptive technology offers exciting benefits for all.
What is a Hotspot?
A hotspot is an area providing wireless internet access for customers with a wireless-enabled notebook or PDA who want internet access. Wireless Hotspot is a simple and cost-effective way of selling casual Internet access to your customers. If you own a café, restaurant, bar, have a shop in a food court or even a car-wash, your customers can surf the Internet, send email or access their corporate network while having a drink, enjoying a meal, doing the shopping or sitting just about anywhere.
How does a hotspot work?
The hotspot is effectively a wires router. The device broadcasts a signal that laptops can find. To get an access a user would find the wireless network on their laptop and will be prompted for a user name and password. You can control the usage of users, viewing usage report, site restriction, band width control, access control list, IP based control etc., these facilities are available in hotspot routers.


I Link Solutioins is a reputable security specialist who has been providing expert security solutions to organizations. We work closely with our clients, providing them with meticulous consultation on the best security solution based on their requirements.

What Makes us Different?

Our service includes bespoke security solutions designed to our client's specifications.
We provide a complete service from supply, design, installation and maintenance.
We can act as a consultant in order to prepare the correct specification for our client.
Our flexible approach means we can provide clients with the best possible quote and still provide high-quality products.


CCTV (Closed Circuit Television), when professionally-installed and professionally-monitored, is one of the most cost-effective security investments you can make. In many cases, a few intelligently-deployed (and monitored) CCTV cameras can substantially reduce the over-all costs of establishing and maintaining a secure environment. With I Link Solutions remotely monitoring your site on CCTV, you will find that, coupled with the appropriate incident response protocol, the right technology, in the right hands, can put you, always, one step ahead of the intruder. The latest technology from CCTV Surveillance offers you high quality DVR recording systems, which can be networked together across multiple sites.


The benefits of digital surveillance are many. IP cameras can be provided with any frame rate at any time, and frame rate and storage capacity can be increased simply by adding hard drives and PC servers. Moreover, IP allows "intelligent" functionality of camera, such as motion detection, sensor input, relay output and alarm triggering or even advanced intelligence like 'object left' or 'object missing'. Faster system integration allows one network that controls audio, video and data with remote accessibility of live or stored video streams from any location with increased reliability through real-time management software


Wireless IP Network Camera features a CMOS Image Sensor, MPEG 4 video compression, 802.11 b/g wireless communications and a sensitive microphone. This IP Network Camera is ideal for applications that require one-way audio such as audio surveillance, reception points, remote instruction and simple video conferencing. WI-FI communication provides cost savings and flexibility. The motion detection feature will trigger still image capture and send the image via e-mail or to an FTP location. The Wireless cameras are true 'plug and play' convenience. Mount the camera in the best location, connect the access point to the network, plug in the power and away you go! The camera to access point connection is based on 2.4GHz wireless signal, meaning you don't have to worry about messy cables. You also have the ability to add extra cameras to the network.


For small and large businesses alike, there are many advantages to using a hosted VoIP solution over traditional phone service. The Internet/Intranet has enabled communications to advance in leaps and bounds and VoIP is just another way to do this at a lower cost than regular telephone providers. The VOIP gateway provides toll-free voice communications over the Internet or Intranet. By integrating voice into your existing data network, you can realize substantial savings on inter-office long distance toll charges. VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a means of using a digital network to make phone calls. The network can be either private or public, cable or wireless. Phone calls can be made to another computer with VoIP capability or to regular landline phones. The VOIPs integrate seamlessly with existing VoIP phone systems, and support standard VoIP protocols. For sites without existing VoIP systems, two VOIPs can be used in conjunction to send emergency calls over the IP network and then remotely “jump off” onto an existing PBX or PSTN phone network.


“No person shall…without lawful excuse, interfere with or obstruct any radiocommunication.” Radiocommunication Act, 9(1)(b) The last few years have witnessed a dramatic boom in the wireless communications industry, hence, increasing the number of users of mobile communication devices. Needless to say, the wide use of mobile phones could create some problems as the sound of ringing becomes annoying or disrupting. This could happen in some places like conference rooms, law courts, libraries, lecture rooms and mosques.The owner of enclosed space has the right to control unwanted disturbances within that space. A Mobile Jammer is a transmitter used to broadcast electromagnetic signals capable of blocking frequencies used by cellular networks such as GSM/CDMA/DCS/3G. When active in a certain area, the mobile jammer will prevent any cellular/PCS system from communicating with the base station, and by this prohibiting all incoming and outgoing calls. Mobile Jammer have become a necessity for accomplishing a more cultured society because there is a growing demand for controlling the use of cellular phones in public places such as religious places, theaters, libraries, and other specific areas.

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